Martín Chambi print 5 | A Game of Sapo

Martín Chambi print 5 | Peruvian.jpg
Martín Chambi print 5 | Peruvian.jpg
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Martín Chambi print 5 | A Game of Sapo


A Game of Sapo

Legacy Prints
Martín Chambi, Peruvian, 1891–1973

digital archival print.
Martin Chambi’s Studio Camera, Cuzco Peru, 2010

Each of these images is a hand-printed, gelatin silver print from the original negative.

The prints are made under the direction of his grandson Teo Allain Chambi, and donations support the work of PhotoAlliance, and the ongoing efforts in Cusco, Peru to reacquire the original Chambi studio building to house the archive of some 30,000 works.

Each of the four prints is $500.
50% of the donation supports PhotoAlliance
50% supports the Archivo Fotografico Martín Chambi (Martín Chambi Photographic Archive)

Four prints are offered. If you acquire all four Martín Chambi prints, you receive a fifth image as a thank-you:

-Linda Connor


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