December 6, 2013
7:30 pm
San Francisco Art Institute Lecture Hall 800 Chestnut Street San Francisco, Ca (at Jones Street)
Ticket Information:
$10.00 general admission $5.00 students with ID--- TICKETS AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR

Fall 2013 Lecture Series
John Chiara with Letha Wilson
John Chiara
Bay Area photographer John Chiara captures cityscapes in a process that incorporates a hybrid of photographic media. He creates one-of-a-kind photographs in a variety of hand-built cameras, the largest of which is a 50” x 80” field camera transported by the artist on a flatbed trailer. Once a location is selected, he situates and then physically enters the camera, maneuvering in near total darkness positive color photographic paper on the camera’s back wall. Throughout the exposure, his instinctual control limits the light entering the lens, using his hands to burn and dodge the image. These large-scale photographs are developed by hand in a spinning drum process that agitates the chemistry over the photographic paper that lines the interior of the drum – a process that often leaves behind traces on the resulting image. Chiara’s photographs are strongly perceptual, eliciting a visceral response, yet are rendered in soft hues that exude a strong sense of the viscosity of material and the ephemerality of presence.

With introductory presentation by Letha Wilson

Letha Wilson
In recent work, Letha Wilson takes landscape photography as the starting point for sculptural construction and interruption. In her work the ability for a photograph to transport the viewer is both called upon, and questioned; sculptural intervention attempts to compensate for the photograph's failure to encompass the physical site it represents. Letha shoots and prints her own color photographs, often taken in the Western United States, and her work approaches the genre of Landscape Photography with equal parts reverence and skepticism.