© Robert Dawson   Tulare County Free Library

Spend the day with photographer Robert Dawson exploring what is necessary to successfully organize and fund a photography project. Dawson will draw on his own long-term and recent experience. He will share his extensive career and know how providing advice to help students  to successfully complete their own goals with their chosen photography projects.


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New Collector Print:

Ed Grazda


© Ed Grazda Bamiyan, Afghanistan, 1982

Ed Grazda comments on the taking of this image:

In the early 1980’s on my first trip with the Mujahideen in Afghanistan I went with a group of fighters to their "markaz"  (center), outside of Bamiyan.  The markaz was a few mud buildings at the end of a small rocky canyon.  A steep climb up the side of the canyon revealed the rolling hills and mountains - we were about 8000 feet in elevation. One morning the commander gave me a tour around and (as a sign of hope, in a very arid landscape) was sowing seeds.