May 8, 2009
7:30 pm
San Francisco Art Institute Lecture Hall 800 Chestnut Street San Francisco, Ca (at Jones Street)
Ticket Information:
$10.00 general admission $5.00 students with ID tickets available at the door

PhotoAlliance and Aperture Foundation Collaborative Lecture Series
Eirik Johnson with Paula Levine
Eirik Johnson
A culmination of four years photographing throughout Oregon, Washington, and Northern California, Sawdust Mountain (Aperture, June 2009) focuses on the tenuous relationship between industries reliant upon natural resources and the communities they support. Eirik Johnson, a Seattle native, describes his photographs as "a melancholy love letter of sorts, my own personal ramblings." Through this poetic approach, Sawdust Mountain records a region affected by historic economic complexities and, by extension, one aspect of our fraught relationship with the environment in the twenty-first century.

Introductory Presentation: Paula Levine

Paula Levine utilizes Global Positioning System coordinates, maps, city sites and the web to translate and represent the impact of political or cultural traumas -- such as wars or shifts in borders and territorial boundaries -- that take place in one location, upon another.

The Wall is a project that superimposes a segment of the security/barrier wall, currently being built in Israel and Palestine, upon selected U.S. and Canadian cities. Participants can view the project on the web, as well as download maps and media to allow them to walk the shadowed trajectory of the wall in their own city.

San Francisco / Baghdad collapses the distinctions between foreign or domestic. The project maps the bombing of an Iranian city to the San Francisco Bay Area- linking imagination to what might be possible.