Workshops | 2015 Workshop Series

PhotoAlliance workshops are meant to foster a continuing conversation between the art and craft of photography, between the individuals that make things and the practice of creating.

We design specific opportunities to take pictures, talk about pictures and share work and ideas.  Groups are small, and the instructor's are highly committed and engaged artists.  Generally the workshops are for all ages and all experiences. 

Our mission is to support the understanding, appreciation and creation of contemporary photography.

Workshop Venues

LAUNCH FOR HIRE | Inverness, California

 From time to time, PhotoAlliance gains access to a truly unique workshop venue. The century-old boathouse, which bears the iconic “Launch for Hire” signage, was built by Brock Schreiber in 1914 for boat building and repair. Privately owned, it is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places with public use restricted to modest size gatherings such as our wonderfully scaled non profit workshops on photography. The beautiful surroundings of Tomales Bay and Inverness will provide a ready source of inspiration.

With a landscape, a local climate that changes constantly and a tidal waterfront as backdrop, the Launch and environs adds a nearly limitless photographic possibility to your visit to Inverness and Tomales Bay.  Below are a few images both inside and outside the Boathouse to highlight the experience.



Views from the Launch for Hire of Tomales Bay and a short slideshow from a Luis Delgado workshop.                                All images © Thom Sempere