PhotoAlliance Lectures | The Complete History

The lecture season runs from September to June

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Lecturers 2002 to 2017






Wendy Watriss

Tina Barney with Sarina Finkelstein

Catherine Wagner with Simon Pyle

Joachim Schmid

Julie Blackmon with Rocky McCorkle

Peter de Lory and Dennis Hearne

John Chiara with Letha Wilson

Mark Ruwedel with Janelle Lynch

Dinh Q Lê with Sanaz Mazinani

Sage Sohier with Frank Yamrus

Sharon Harper with Christina Seely



Richard Misrach

Leo Rubinfien

Kael Alford and Thorne Anderson

James Henkel with Sean McFarland

Graciela Iturbide

Uta Barth with Rebecca Horne

Ken Light with Paul Kitagaki Jr.

Emmet Gowin



Gay Block with Liz Steketee

Arthur Tress introduction by James Ganz

Lukas Felzmann with Tara Sellios

Elijah Gowin with Mercedes Dorame

David Hilliard with Lens Culture International Exposure Awards Winners

Philipp Scholz Rittermann with Tribute to Jerry Burchard by Dennis Hearne

Ralph Eugene Meatyard by Elizabeth Siegel with Alex Fradkin       

Jim Dow with Charles Byrne

Alessandra Sanguinettiwith Benjamin Cawthra   



Tintype & Wet-Plate Collodion Redux with David Adams, Kerik Kouklis,

 Michelle Kloehn, Jenny Sampson and Michael Shindler

Leo Rubinfien with Kevin Kunishi

Elaine Ling with Anni Löppönen

Robert Lyons with Dana Salvo

Mike Mandel and Chantal Zakari with Lucas Foglia

Doug DuBois with Mark McKnight

Amy Stein with Andy Freeberg

Jack Fulton with Lisa Blatt

Frank Gohlke with Ben Nixon

Vera Lutter with Vance Gellert



Michael Kenna with Julie Anand

John Pfahl with Kirk Crippens

Shelby Lee Adams with Abraham Nievod

Paul Fusco and David Liittschwager

Laura McPhee with Scott Conarroe

Dawoud Bey with Jessica Ingram

Mitch Epstein with Paul Schiek

Bill Owens Richard Gordon

Laura Letinsky with Joel Leivick      

Jim Goldberg with Terri Garland

Kenro Izu with Saïd Nuseibeh



Eirik Johnson with Paula Levine

Susan Derges with Anne Barnard

David Goldes with Mary Parisi

Mark Klett, Wayne Levin, Arno Minkkinen, Camille Solyagua

Andrew Moore with Grant Ernhart

Barbara Bosworth with Klea McKenna

Phyllis Galembo with Victor Zaballa

Hank Willis Thomas with Carla Williams

Paul Berger with Brian Taylor

Debra Bloomfield and Terry Tempest Williams



JoAnn Verburg with Katty Hoover and Andrea Land

Lonnie Graham

Larry Fink

John Divola with Alexis Pike

Abelardo Morell with Luis Delgado

Marco Breuer with Chris Mccaw

Terry Evans and Michael Light

Rinko Kawauchi with Hiroyo Kaneko

Pieter Hugo with Leon Borensztein



David Maisel

Naoya Hatakeyama

Olivia Parker

Carle de Keyzer with Darcy Padilla

William Christenberry with Art Rogers

Bruce Davidson with Mark Tuschman

Joel Sternfeld

Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick

Jungjin Lee



Judy Dater with Meghann Reipenhoff

Eikoh Hosoe with Sandra Phillips

Alec Soth with Michael Rauner

Linda Butler with Jacques Leslie

Gary Schneider with Jo Babcock

Bill Burke with Kirsten Rian

An-my Lê with Stuart Rome

Arno Minkkenen with Germán Herrera

Debbie Fleming Caffery with Colette Campbell-Jones



Sally Mann

Andy Grundberg and William Christenberry

Lorna Simpson with Carla Williams

Meridel Rubenstein

 Eugene Richards with Radek Skrivanek 

Larry Sultan with Elena Dorfman

Catherine Chalmers with Rob Keller

Sylvia Plachy with Jessamyn Lovell

Thomas Roma with Doug Muir



Susan Meiselas with Theo Rigby

Paul Sack andArthur Ollman

Wendy Ewald

David Liittschwagerand Wayne Levin and Henry Hornstein

Robert & Shana Parke-Harrison with Mary Daniel Hobson

Carrie Mae Weems with Lonnie Graham

Richard Barnes with Trish Carney

Deborah Luster

Stephen Shore with Sang Lee

Lukas Felzmanand J. John Priola



Emmet Gowin

Michael Kenna with Eirik Johnson

Fazel Sheik with Mimi Chakarova

Adam Fuss with Binh Danh

Andrew Roth

Elinor Carucci with Paul Mueller and Alice Shaw

Rebecca Solnit with Michael Wilson

Sally Gall

Todd Hido with Angela Buenning-Filo

Albert Chong with Saimon Li

Mark Klett with Ellen Manchester

Andrea Modica with Susan Page