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Luis Palacios Kaim

Luis Palacios Kaim was born in 1946 in Mexico City where he now resides. He received his degree in philosophy and sociology from the Universidad Iberoamericana and has gone on to teach courses there as well as at the Universidad Anáhuac, the Claustro de Sor Juana, the Esmeralda, the Casa Refugio Citlatépetl, the Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro, the Universidad Veracruzana and the Soumaya Museum.

Palacios work touches on minimalism through the economy of media, the exaltation of materials and the incorporation of the void around his art. He seeks to reconcile primal myths with contemporary philosophical and scientific thought, while harmonizing archetypal symbols with the most recent vanguard movements.

He complimented his studies with courses at UNAM’s National School of Architecture as well as by taking doctorate courses in sociology, art history and literature, also at UNAM. He took masters level courses in sociology at University of Pennsylvania. In addition, Luis Palacios Kaim completed courses in techniques and materials of painting at La Esmeralda (under Luis Nishizahwa), drawing courses at UNAM (under José Luis Cuevas), a seminary on Culture and Modernity at the University of Cambridge (UK), art and mythology courses at CNA (under Hervé Pierre Lambert), art and sacred space at UNAM (under Sanjoy Mazumdar) and baroque art and neoclassicism at Museo Soumaya (under Heinrich Pfeiffer).