2014 Salt Point/Sea Ranch Workshop | Robert Dawson

3 Days:
Friday October 31 - Sunday November 2, 2014
4:00 pm Friday - 12 pm Sunday


The Sonoma Coast is just far enough removed from the Bay Area to feel completely different but close enough to be accessible. Our workshop will look at the human impact on this spectacular coastline and on the natural beauty of this California gem.  We will spend time at some of the most interesting geology that can be readily seen anywhere along California's spectacular coast. Sea Ranch, the Kruse Rhododendron State Reserve and the other-worldly Salt Point State Park will be some of the highlights of our trip.

We will spend Friday evening getting acquainted, talking about the area and beginning to look at work. The early morning light at this time of year will draw us to the landscape along the coast. We will visit and photograph several natural landscapes and historic points of interest. At mid-day we will meet again to continue to look at work and have lunch. As the afternoon light improves we will again visit many sites of extraordinary beauty. On Saturday evening we will continue the workshop by having dinner together. Sunday morning will give us another opportunity to explore the beautiful landscape of the Sonoma Coast. The workshop will conclude on Sunday at noon.

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Tuition: $395 
lodging  and food extra.


Reverie 15, 2012 © Tony Maridakis

Reverie 21, 2012 © Tony Maridakis

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