Aspen Mays and Andréanne Michon 

FRIDAY, April 19th, 2019  7:30PM

San Francisco Art Institute Osher Lecture Hall

800 Chestnut Street San Francisco, CA

Lecture: $15.00 general admission

Students with/current ID admitted FREE


And visit SF Camerawork to see the exhibition:

COLLIDING / Andréanne Michon and Jennifer Brandon

More info about the show here

Exhibition Dates: April 11 - June 8, 2019
Opening Reception: Thursday, April 11, 2019, 6 - 8 PM


© Aspen Mays, California Dreaming, 2018

© Aspen Mays, Hugo 14, 2018

© Aspen Mays, Window 10, 2018

© Aspen Mays, Gray, 2016

© Aspen Mays, Installation View

© Aspen Mays, Bandana, 2016


Andréanne Michon

Toronto-based artist Andréanne Michon has developed a photographic practice that incorporates a series of exchanges between traditional mediums, incorporating straight photography, printmaking, video, sound, sculpture, and pyrogravure. Michon’s processes, which depend on chemical reactions, pressure, heat, darkness, and light, parallel the processes that drive environmental change. These photographic processes, which transmute materials into new substances, seek to interpret geological formations and investigate the earth’s evolution. Film is transformed by heat into undulating sculptures, and carved outlines on linoleum blocks are transformed into lustrous silver gelatin prints. The resulting abstracted images and manipulated objects are photographic meditations on tectonic, volcanic, and cataclysmic forces.

More about Andréanne here


© Andréanne Michon, Matrix Pyrogravure Embossing 2, 2018

© Andréanne Michon, Index 8, 2018

© Andréanne Michon, Once Glacier, video still, 2018-2019

© Andréanne Michon Disappearing Landscape 9, 2019

© Andréanne Michon Disappearing Landscape 10, 2019

© Andréanne Michon  n o w h e r e, Fractured 25 , 2018-2019

© Andréanne Michon n o w h e r e, Fractured 25, 2018-2019