Anni Löppönen | Untitled

Anni Löppönen

As an artist I have always been interested in shooting the hidden and transitory aspects of the existing world.

Are You willing to see this room.

To me art is a venue where a individual meets humanity. This is a central reason why I want to be a photographing artist and be able to capture and share humanity in ways that I feel are natural and attractive. Photographs are my way to speak, express and participate.

In my photography I want to bring together thoughts of searching, capturing my inner visions and the possibility to take a journey through life. I`m interested of possibility to stop, see and feel the intimacy of life, and this way also to provide a venue where art meets social aspects, which to my mind offers a great chance also for social discussion and change. There is a great importance for me as an artist between the contradiction of stillness and movement of life I`m capturing.

- Anni Löppönen ©